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  • Lawsuit Cash Advance to stave off Foreclosure

    For plaintiffs needing a cash advance to stave off foreclosure – it is a good idea to know the process the forclosure entails. As more fully described in a Forbes article recently – housing forclosure follows the six steps outlined below Step 1: Payment Default A payment default occurs when a borrower has missed at [...]

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  • The role of Fannie and Freddie in the Housing Meltdown

    Many conservative critics say the government helped to enable the financial crisis through its efforts to increase home ownership, including the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in buying mortgage loans to make more money available for lending. The companies are now owned by the government after incurring enormous losses on loans that borrowers [...]

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  • The Federal Reserve and Lawsuit Loans

    President Barak Obama on Thursday nominated Janet Yellen to be vice chair of the central bank and filled two other vacancies on the board, which has enormous power over the economy. The nominations are subject to Senate approval. If the Senate confirms all three, Obama will have appointed five of seven members of the Federal [...]

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