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Do you have a serious injury related to a personal injury claim? Have you have surgery or
a spinal fusion? Do you need a lawsuit advance additional funding on top a your current

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There are two main types of lumbar spinal fusion, which may be used in conjunction with each other:

Posterolateral fusion places the bone graft between the transverse processes in the back of the spine. These vertebrae are then fixed in place with screws and/or wire through the pedicles of each vertebra attaching to a metal rod on each side of the vertebrae.

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Interbody fusion places the bone graft between the vertebra in the area most commonly occupied by the intervertebral disc. To prepare for the spinal fusion, the disc is removed entirely, for example in ACDF. Sometimes device is placed between the vertebra to maintain spine alignment and disc height. The intervertebral device may be made from either plastic or titanium. The fusion then occurs between the endplates of the vertebrae. Using both types of fusion is known as 360-degree fusion. Fusion rates are higher with interbody fusion.


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