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About SMART.

At SMART. we know life changes. Financial arrangement that once suited your situation may no longer make sense for the present situation. We are dedicated to bringing the highest level of service to clients seeking immediate cash for illiquid assets.

  • Get the Smart Rate

    For Lawsuits, Structured Settlements, Estate Funding, Life Settlements and Attorney Funding we offer a Smart Rate that makes the most your assets. These rates apply to the majority of the first time cases we fund. So by all means - Get the Smart Rate.

  • Additional Funding

    Have you already taken an advance? We offer an opportunity to receive additional funding. Our secondary funding program help plaintiffs that have suffered severe injury that can not find funding from their original funding source.

  • Monthy Short Term Funding

    For clients receiving their settlements quickly, Smart. offers a program that is based on a monthly basis. Ask about the short term advance program is your case is sure to settle quickly.

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